Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs

Bettina Horvath will be presenting an Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs on July 27, 2012.

*EDIT: watch the replay here. 

I have recently passed the online exam of and can call myself now an Inbound Marketing Professional.

bettina horvath inbound marketing hubspot certified south africa

What is inbound marketing?

I like to simply say, it’s when leads are knocking on your door vs. you having to chase them. It leverages your expertise in your field to attract clients who want to do business with you.

HubSpot is a US based company with a great marketing software which I love using, their founders are the ones who coined the term “Inbound Marketing”, it’s often also called content marketing. The basic idea is for you to

  • get found by targeted people looking for the information you can provide
  • enchant them with your expertise and information in order for them to
  • convert into paying customers and then to
  • re-engage them on an ongoing basis to stay top of mind with them.

Several tools are being used to achieve this, here’s a nice little visual overview by HubSpot:

inbound marketing tools hubspot south africa

If you are a solopreneur (essentially a one-man business) learning these tools is essential as you can do all of it on a no-budget or very minimalistic budget. And how to do exactly that is the topic of my upcoming webinars and courses.

The first webinar in this series is FREE (yeah best price ever!) and is an overview webinar. Explaining all the components, the strategy and some of the tools. It’ll show you what you will need and how you can start working on your own inbound marketing plan.

And then watch the leads roll in!

MyBizPerforms webinar featuring Bettina Horvath aka the Marketing Ninja

Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs

Friday, July 27, 2012

Did I mention it’s free? :)

*EDIT: watch the replay here.