How to take Inbound Marketing off the screen and blow minds

HubSpot takes the cake of Inbound Marketing with sending a present across the oceans. The story and 6 key points to note for marketers below. 

Last year some time I started learning about the term “Inbound Marketing” as a particular form of using all sorts of online tactics to generate leads. I’ve learned about Inbound Marketing from no other than HubSpot of course, a marketing software company whose founders coined the term. They pretty quickly converted me into a fan by producing outstanding quality content (freely available) on a scale I haven’t seen from anybody anywhere yet.

Hubspot Marketing Software logoIt’s happening with everyone I point to them, everyone gets blown away by the sheer amount of high quality information HubSpot makes freely available to anyone who’s willing to give them their email address. Every time I speak to clients I always recommend to evaluate HubSpot and a couple of months ago finally a client of mine decided to give them a go. Since then we’ve been together on a rollercoaster ride of note discovering the amazing thing that HubSpot really is.

Now you’re going to ask me what on earth makes me praise a company so much that I spend two entire paragraphs doing so.

It’s simple, HubSpot continuously shows me what amazing lead generation really looks like and how to do it. I get such a kick out of using their software, am busy in talks to their team, and am just about to use them for my own marketing but today they took this whole “lead generation optimisation” a step further.

Today they literally blew my mind – and that doesn’t happen often with regards to lead generation or customer service by any other company.

It happened while collecting snail mail, yes the variety you get via the post office. The only type of snail mail I get these days are statements that need to be filed so I usually only collect it once a month or so (from the post box). Turns out, I should do this more regularly. I found a slip telling me to collect an item that’s too big for the box.

That was intriguing. I didn’t expect any item bigger than a standard envelope. So I went inside to collect my item – a box from ….. HubSpot!!! I stood there and wondered, what? HubSpot? What on earth would they be sending me? I talk to them a lot in various ways but nobody ever mentioned anything along the lines of “I’m going to send you this in the mail”.

HubSpot beach mat presentNot waiting to get home I ripped the thing open and guess what, there’s a little present in there, a lovely orange beach mat (orange is their corporate colour and is also one of my favourites) and a handwritten card. 

Yes, a handwritten card. Just savour this moment if you will. When last did you receive a handwritten card?

It said: “Bettina, Thank you so much for the kind words you said on Facebook about HubSpot. It really made our day. Hopefully this small thank you gift will make yours a little brighter.” [Insert sound a blown mind makes]

Marketers take note of these 6 key points to keep your leads happy and move them along the sales funnel merrily

  1. Make it easy for leads and clients to praise you (= have an active social media online presence)
  2. Provide mind blowing content, product and service that is praiseworthy
  3. Keep track of what your individual leads are doing on your website (that’s where HubSpot comes in handy, just saying. When they type my name into their software they can see that I regularly download their material, that I’m working inside the software with a client, that I @mention them on Twitter and interact, that I keep sending them ideas via their idea portal, etc. They don’t guess, they KNOW that I like what they’re doing and keep coming back)
  4. Find new and innovative ideas to woo your leads and clients, by for example sending them a (branded) beach mat all across the oceans to thank them for one little post mentioning them. (Here is my Facebook post that triggered this all)
  5. Don’t forget handwritten notes and snail mail, in today’s world they get attention again!
  6. It’s the small things that make the big difference

I wouldn’t know but I bet you that just simply leaving a note on Facebook isn’t going to be enough for you to also get a beach mat from HubSpot. The fact is, they can clearly see in their own marketing software that I am a hot lead. I’ve already converted a client, I’m on my way to becoming a partner with them and thus potentially bring more clients and I have been interacting with them and their material for a long time now. (If anybody at HubSpot ends up reading this, won’t you please check and let me know when that first contact date was actually?)

The key take away

is that you need a thorough understanding of your

  • target market,
  • your marketing personas,
  • your buyer cycle stages and
  • your sales funnel.

And with that understanding have a method to enchant people coming across your name anywhere and keep them in your universe. You need to KNOW not just guess what your leads are doing. Working with different businesses day and out I know that most have at best some vague idea of all of this. And yet I see enormous results by just doing little things here and there. You don’t have to suddenly become another HubSpot, heck their own employees have a hard time keeping up with their output, but they most certainly are a brilliant role model.

So how is your marketing shaping up? Got an hour? Let’s have a look together how your website is performing for you and what the points are you can improve. Here’s a free marketing assessment, curtesy HubSpot and MyBizPerforms.

And thanks Meghan Anderson from HubSpot – you certainly made my day today :)

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