R750 Google AdWords vouchers up for grabs

Edit: The particular vouchers outlined in this article are a thing of the past.

If you haven’t tried Google AdWords before, now is a good time. Google sent me some vouchers to use for new clients! 

I love being a marketer in today’s world. There are many reasons but one is that I myself get exposed to some great marketing campaigns by the big guns. You might recall the HubSpot beach mat story, where they sent me a physical object (the beach mat) all the way from Boston, MA to Cape Town, South Africa because they have recognised me as brand ambassador for them (they would know as they track all my movements across their website and know how much time I spend on it and all the other cool stuff the HubSpot software does).

Anyway, today I have a new story of an excellent marketing campaign. A while ago I signed up for Google Engage for Agencies, it’s a programme they’ve started to help agencies like myself to help their clients with their AdWords campaigns. AdWords (those ads on the sides of your organic search results) can be pretty intimidating and certainly overwhelming, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re burning money fast. Trust me, I learned that lesson.

Luckily Google has made a 100% turn from a totally non approachable company (there was no phone number anywhere on their websites for a very long time) to a company with a customer facing team. And so they decided to roll out their golden voucher campaign in South Africa and because I’m already a member of the Google Engage programme, having fulfilled the minimum criteria (some training you have to do), they included me. Yeah!

Means they sent me a package with a tactile website. You’ve actually got to see it to believe it, it’s incredible.

Google Adwords team delivers a tactile website

The photo doesn’t do it justice at all. But, long story short – the key in this whole package are 10 golden vouchers to the value of R750 each. It’s a promotion that is coupled with a competition where I can win something too. It’s totally set up for a win-win all around. I love those.

R750 Google Adwords vouchers

Do you want to use one of the R750 Google AdWords vouchers?

There are some requirements for this to work:

  • it’s only valid if you are new to AdWords, means you don’t have an account with Google AdWords yet (it’s separate from other Google products, so if you have a Google account as such it doesn’t matter. You have to specifically sign up for AdWords) and
  • your business has to be in South Africa

To get the most out of it you also need to construct and set up a campaign, means you need to know which keywords in which way (broad, phrase or exact) to display with what ads and where. It’s half a science which is why Google is training people like myself to help clients with this.

Luckily for you, not only do I get their (extremely well done) training, but I’ve just spent half an hour on the phone with a Google employee of their AdWords team and he’s an AdWords guru. We’ve built some rapport and he’s kindly offered me to help me should I get stuck (part of their turn into a client facing company, agencies for now only). This is great news for you, because now you know that if you use MyBizPerforms to set this campaign up for you, Google itself is behind us helping out if necessary.

Google and MyBizPerforms have one aim: drive results for you.

That means that the clicks we get for those R750 have to work for you. For that money I’d like to see at least one conversion for you (obviously depends on what “a conversion” is in your context). So the keywords have to be optimised, the ads have to be carefully worded and last but most certainly not least the landing pages have to match all that work. It is shocking to be honest how many ads I see in South Africa where the companies waste an enormous amount of money on ads that lead to nowhere – well their main homepage of their website.

A website’s home page is the LAST place you want to send anyone from ANY ad campaign to. [Tweet this]

Why? Because people are lost, they now have to search for the stuff you were promising in your ad. They won’t do it. A landing page on the other end is a page that explains your offer and how one can get it.

What does this all mean for you, it means I’m picky. I need to know that I’m going to achieve results for you. I’m happy to give you one of those R750 vouchers only if

  • you don’t have an AdWords account yet
  • your business is in South Africa
  • you let me handle the campaign set up (there is usually a fee anywhere from R1 – 3,000 involved depending on size but I’m waiving it for these 10 mini campaigns only)
  • you have a landing page (if you don’t have one I’ll set one up for you, this one I’ll have to charge you R500 for an average length page)
  • we get this all done within the month of September 2012
What’s the benefit to you?
  • You get to see how a Google Ads campaign could work for you
  • You should get at least 1 conversion (this could be an e-book download, a call, a purchase, etc. depends on what the campaign is aiming for)
  • You get feedback on the original keywords chosen (are people actually searching them)
  • You get a taste of working with me/us on a campaign
  • You get to try it all out without having to spend a cent! (Unless you need a landing page done)

Ready to rock’n roll? Drop me a mail now:


UPDATE: These vouchers are no longer available. 



How does this voucher campaign differ to a normal campaign?

Great question! Obviously this voucher drive by Google (and myself waiving the set up fees) is meant to generate new clients for Google and MyBizPerforms. Because this is actually quite a complex thing to get going (there are enough “didn’t work for me” stories out there) this voucher campaign will give you a little taste. Please note, a taste only.

To drive a proper AdWords campaign involves continuos tweaking and optimising based on results. It is ongoing and over months. If you’re expecting too much from this little test campaign it’s maybe not the right thing for you. It will not be a reflection of what a well optimised ongoing campaign can do for you, there are too many factors playing a role over time (quality score to name but one). It’ll give you a taste. Thus it is ideal for companies who are playing with the idea of using Google ads to drive traffic to their websites and to see how it all works and what is needed, etc. R750 as a stand alone campaign will not suddenly bring you a ton of new clients, although you never know ;-)

I just want to make very clear with which expectations you should go into this trial run. Having said all that, ready to do it? Great!

If you’re reading this and I either have given all the vouchers away already or it’s past September fear not – there are other options available to test drive Google ads. Similar rules apply as above, please contact me with the same form and we’ll get the ball rolling.

When you’re ready to run a full AdWords campaign drop us a mail too, as you now know we’ve got the Google specialists behind us helping us making sure you get the results you want for your money.

Oh .. and one more thing (you have to forgive me… I’ve just been reading Steve Job’s biography…I admire the man)

How do paid Google ads work within the context of Inbound Marketing?

You might say, isn’t inbound marketing meant to be all the free stuff? Well no, that’s sometimes a little bit misunderstood. While Inbound Marketing is far cheaper than outbound marketing it’ll still cost you money like any other form of marketing. Online ads are a bit of a hybrid between outbound and inbound actually. Because yes in a way you shove them out all across the interwebs but generally speaking nobody has to interrupt what they’re doing just to see a Google Ad (or any other online ad). They are there, on the side, and if you spot a relevant one (that’s the key word here, “relevant”) you’ll click it.

There are two reasons I use Google AdWords in an Inbound Marketing campaign for clients:

  1. To get good results from all the social media and SEO efforts one has to be patient, it doesn’t happen overnight, usually 3-6 months at least before one can see first signs. So I use ads to speed it up a little and get more traffic to a website quicker.
  2. The other reason is that running an ad campaign gives me excellent feedback on the SEO quality of certain keywords as well as the landing page itself. Ad campaigns come with an enormous amount of data that, if correctly analysed, feeds back into the SEO driven activities (the ones that usually take a little longer).

That last part is a main reason why it’s good to work with an integrated allround marketing agency like MyBizPerforms as we address the entire strategy from a holistic point of view and not a segregated scattering of various disciplins. For us it’s all one big engine that needs to be looked after as a whole and not just individual parts, understanding that one malfunctioning part impacts the other parts.

So, enough, let’s get cracking on an AdWords campaign for you! I’m looking forward to setting up new campaigns for you, I love digging into the world of keywords and the analytics they feed back!

Any questions? Leave them below in the comments. Have you tried AdWords before? Share your stories – even if it’s of the horror variety :)

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