Online marketing for local businesses without a website

In the past as a business owner of a local business, servicing local clients, you’d buy a Yellow Pages ad, an ad in the local newspaper and perhaps run a flyer campaign every now and then. In the last couple of years you’d add a paid for listing in one of the many online directories […]

.com or

[edit 26.10.2014: The information around this topic keeps changing all the time. The general ideas stay the same but there are nowadays many more ways to let the search engines know where you come from or stay international, check in the relevant webmaster tools for your website.] One question I get every time I talk […]

Creating Passive Income Streams – by Steve Pavlina

This is a complete newsletter sent out by Steve Pavlina. Please note that he has released all copyright from his material and it is thus permissible to reproduce his work word by word in any which way. All links have remained intact. If you enjoyed the article please consider purchasing one of his products or even donating. […]

Features vs benefits

How to find the benefits of a feature in a product/service in order to sell it better.