R750 Google AdWords vouchers up for grabs

Edit: The particular vouchers outlined in this article are a thing of the past. If you haven’t tried Google AdWords before, now is a good time. Google sent me some vouchers to use for new clients!  I love being a marketer in today’s world. There are many reasons but one is that I myself get exposed to […]

Tofu and Mofu, the path to optimum lead conversion and why you need to develop a taste for them as marketer

Not all things are equal, and certainly not your prospective clients. A discussion aimed at getting you started to design a lead conversion path, a visitors journey through your website, the marketing and sales funnel.  Tofu and mofu refer to top of funnel and middle of funnel respectively. What is meant by this is that […]

How to take Inbound Marketing off the screen and blow minds

HubSpot takes the cake of Inbound Marketing with sending a present across the oceans. The story and 6 key points to note for marketers below.  Last year some time I started learning about the term “Inbound Marketing” as a particular form of using all sorts of online tactics to generate leads. I’ve learned about Inbound […]

Santam vs Nando’s – Best advertising ever achieves win-win for all

I hate advertising, I’m a content marketing gal, I don’t like it when the sales talk is SO obvious and lets be frank, the way ads are made these days is boring at best. Luckily I don’t see much of this type of advertising as I’ve stopped watching TV years ago. Occassionally I get them […]

“I need a new website” – do you really?

Let me tackle an important subject today, that of “I need a website”. I get approached all the time with this request but upon further investigation what the person really is saying is “I need more sales in my business and I believe having a website will bring them in.” Does that sound familiar? Are […]

How to return a favour online

When someone asks you “Would you do me a favour?” you know that usually means doing something for them for which they are not intending to give you any monetary value in return. Of course there are hundreds of situations where this is perfectly fine. However where it becomes a problem is when that favour […]

5 tips to not look like a spammer in your online campaign

I just came across an example of an online campaign that is either a total spam or it’s legit but then they forgot to put some important ingredients in place. Read on to avoid looking like a spammer and on the other hand to be alert when surfing the net yourself. There are so many […]

One very happy hairdresser

Back in January I met a lovely lady who was new in town and who had just opened her hair salon in the town I live in, Somerset West. She was doing incredible specials to get people to come to her salon and get to know her. This marketing strategy worked quite well of course. […]