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Bettina set up a Google Places listing for us, and already in the first 5 weeks we had 15 people come to our shop mentioning they found us because of our Google listing. Bettina did all for us, take pictures to upload, make sure the information is correct and she keeps it alive and active with adding new specials.

Marina Reis

Azure Hair Professionals

via Twitter: I think @BettinaHorvath has found her niche and social media marketing has become her passion; just did her course and well recommended.

Tim Upton

Home and Away Properties

In a half an hour Skype session with Bettina I gained much more than I expected too. Three things stands out for me from this experience: firstly, she is upfront and honest and that helps me to really know where my weak points are; secondly, she gave me practical tips that I could already use a few hours after talking to her; thirdly, her extensive business experience allows her to give me an out-of-the-box perspective on where I am in my business. These you don’t get easily!

Debbie Laubscher

Computers for Dummies

Bettina you are a star! Thank you for the setup of my Facebook page to promote my two books "Duinestories" and "Die perdekombers". At first I felt unsure at 75 years of age but I can see how great a tool this is. Dankie!

Pienkes du Plesses

Pienkes du Plessis Author

Wow! Thank you Bettina. The Somerset West Business Network Facebook Page looks great. Thank you for your efforts.

Caroline Malherbe

Business Network Somerset West

Thanks again for such a great workshop. I've already spent all day yesterday working on my new landing tab!

Jessy Lipperts

Extraordinary Travel

The workshop was worth every cent. I'm in awe at the lessons learnt. Amazing experience; thanks a ton, Bettina.

Lerato Mahlo


Fantastic course thank you very much for the insightful information!Thanks again for the weekend. Really had great fun and will be getting my Facebook ready and in order!

Sybil Doms

House of Fashion

Awesome amount of information - definitely going to improve the way we assist clients. Great group of people. Thanks so much.

Zara Winterbach

Dynamic Exposure

Great workshop Bettina! Learned a lot and got great tips.

Rita Strachan

18 on Kloof B&B Gordon's Bay

Brilliant course - thank you so much.

Jane Otton

Celtic Manor Retreat and Wellness Spa

I really did not think I would learn much as I’ve attended a Social Media Workshop before. But I was pleasantly surprised. I got so much out of the two day workshop. I’m really impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that Bettina shares with the group! I highly recommend this workshop!

Gwen Kloppers

Xtraordinary Women

Stunning landing page for my Facebook page Bettina, and all your support and help, you are not called the marketing ninja for nothing - thank u! D.

Deborah Cloete

Total Vitality

Thank you Bettina for your inspiring workshops and regular newsletters. You opened up my eyes to the essential value of having a web presence, and you opened up my mind to the numerous and exciting marketing possibilities there are on the net.

Patricia McNaught Davies

Helderberg Hospice, Winner of the 2011 Chamber of Commerce Marketing & Branding Award

Am very proud to launch my brand new website. Thank you Bettina for your help with the WordPress set up and for teaching me to manage it myself. It is a wonderful journey of discovery and I am becoming more confident by the hour.

Christel Engelbrecht

Soul Journey

I would say your e-book on how to generate more leads from social media is short like a tweet, full of content like LinkdIn and easy like Facebook, but most importantly it provides value (I don't have twitter, so to me it was very valuable information).

It's the best quick guide to Social Media I ever read! (for dummies :D)

Senya V. Santa

Senya on Facebook

I read your ebook on "How To Generate More Leads with Social Media" ...LOVE the analogies you create for the platforms...makes so much more sense now...with the analogies front of mind you can actually create a workable social media plan...

Carol Gerber

Gerbera Coaching

Talk about energy, thinking out of the box and "vasbyt" and I think "Bettina". Her knowledge about the field that she teaches in is well grounded and she can therefore teach from experience. She has the ability to take you out of your comfortzone and make you grow to your full potential in what she teaches. Watch the "Bettina" space!

Debbie Laubscher

Computers for Dummies

I started FSS to define my passion and build on it. During the first few sessions already I've started to think of my choices and decisions differently leading to different behaviour in my daily life, coming closer to my passion. Bettina is a very capable facilitator having a knack for helping people overcome hurdles and blocks. She finds a way to reframe any negative into a positive and thus change the outcome. The lessons and exercises provided by Danielle through her book are easy to follow and intuitive. If you're considering joining these sessions all I can say to you is: "Nike, just do it"!

George Parkins

I loved the workshop - was expecting a lot, and got more than I expected. I was inspired, and alerted to how much I still have to learn!
Thank you Bettina. You're a good teacher. [Social Media for Business]

Monica Cromhout


Great introduction to what Social Media entails and how it works for your business. [Social Media for Business]

Len Timbrell

Dynamic Exposure

This workshop was great to get a thorough overview of what to use where and when and how to use it. I gained a lot from it. [Social Media for Business]

Erika Kruger

Martin Van Niekerk Photography

Would definitely recommend because I find it gave me a thorough understanding of the social media world out there and why it's become so necessary. A very good broad overview of the subject. [Social Media for Business]

Caroline Dale

Truth Worx

This book answered my questions on the overwhelming issue on the use of social platforms in a sensible and practical way. The action tips are very valuable and can be helpful even to skilled users. I recommend this book to all entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Gerda de Villiers

Life Life Coaching

I really enjoyed the workshop this morning thank you for sharing your insights! [Social Media for business]

Jan van Zyl


Thank you for your time on Friday. We both agreed that it was most valuable. We appreciate the way you have of sorting the wheat from the chaff. We are very pleased with our new focus and will get going on revamping our website and look to include a shopping trolley. We will also plan how we want our newsletter to look and prepare for our Skype tutorial with you. Thank you for sharing your vast experience with us. [Small business growth consultation]

Janet Bytheway & Christine Kritzas

Charts 4 Hearts

Thank you for meeting with us today. Sam and myself gained some very useful ideas. We now need to sit down, discuss and plan.
Kind regards
Alastair Shand

Helderberg Crime Watch

Helderberg Crime Watch

I enjoyed getting this course delivered one step at a time it helped avoid information overload. What I liked most was that it was that it took us through each step very clearly and it is thus very easy to follow. Twitter now makes a lot more sense to me.

Kay Sisson

Your Online Assistant

This Twitter for Business course is really well structured, easy to read and chock a block full with relevant information. I have been using Twitter for a while now and still I found a lot of new and interesting tips and tricks in this course. I have learnt a lot, thank you very much.

Erika Kruger

Martin van Niekerk Photography

I've been using Twitter off and on for a long time now and have some knowledge, but I've known that there's still much more to learn. With your course, I was hoping to consolidate the knowledge I already have, and to learn more about the finer details of using Twitter. Your course gave me a great reintroduction to Twitter, Bettina, plus the new knowledge I need to be able to use Twitter in an effective way. 
What I liked most about the course, in addition to what I learnt, was your friendly manner. You present the information in a way that shows you care. You want us to learn, and hold our hand through the course, explaining things in an easy-to-understand way. It's easy to feel that you want to help us:) You also pack the course with information that's important….you give a lot of value:)
I would definitely recommend this course to others. I think it's a great introduction for beginners, and for those who need further knowledge. You present the information in a clear way, and it's easy to understand.

Gabrielle Bergan


Your Twitter for Business course exceeded my expectations. What I loved most was your style! I loved the fun and light approach to relaying information. The email format worked perfectly for me. I could do at my pace and quietly, without someone talking to me on a video for example. I can definitely recommend this course.

Macarena Vergara


Thank you for this course. Despite having used the platform for a while already I learned even more on how to effectively use it for business. I can readily recommend this to every business owner.

Jaco Liebenberg

Space Age Technologies

I have worked with Bettina over the past few months implementing the Inbound Marketing strategy and processes. Bettina lives and breathes social media and the Inbound Marketing methods come totally naturally to her. I absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in adopting this method in their business.

Chris Welham

Space Age Technologies

Thank you for the one-on-one inbound marketing session, Bettina. It is such a relief to talk to someone so approachable and knowledgeable on inbound marketing. I found your insights into how to optimise navigation of my business website extremely valuable – I’ll definitely be following up on your suggestions made. Also very useful was going through the marketing grader – noting where and how my website is and isn’t performing – and prioritising what actions I can take to improve visibility, lead generation and conversions. I’ve always had a slight fear of using social media platforms but with your suggestions on where and how to research these, I now feel that I can and will step forward and communicate my message with confidence.

I will definitely be in touch to report back on my online activity, growth and success!

Thank you again.

Gail Walmsley

Heart in Motion

Bettina is one of the best guest speakers that we have had at our events. She is extermely knowleageable in her area of expertise. So much so, that we keep inviting her back to speak to our network. I highly recommend Bettina as a Guest Speaker on all things on-line.

Gwen Kloppers

Xtraordinary Women

Thanks so much for an excellent workshop last week - you are a first class teacher and have a refreshing way of taking all the terror out of technology!!

Patricia McNaught Davis

Helderberg Hospice

Bettina is an expert on Social Media and leveraging it for business. She has helped me to change my mindset about social media and we are working on a workable plan that can fit both my schedule and my personality. Her one page Social Media plan is helping me focus my efforts and her ongoing support continue to add value. On top of it all Bettina is personable and easy to get along with.

Petro Janse van Vuuren

Playing Mantis

Bettina is “THE Face book Ninja”! She knows her subject inside out and comes up with innovative ideas. Bettina is very much service orientated and looks after her clients very well. If your business needs more visibility – speak to Bettina. She will make it happen.

Lisa Balz

Space in Design

Bettina, you can rest assured that you have certainly pulled your weight as we have also received extremely
positive feedback regarding your various talks. I certainly would recommend you to other organisations and confirm that the feedback was excellent.

Johan van Heerden

Dykes, van Heerden Inc.

It was fabulous meeting you today – I love your energy and your insights. I really feel like I got a pat on the back, and encouraged that I am on the right track – just to keep moving forward. Thank you for this session. [Inbound Marketing Assessment]

Wendy Burger

Admin without borders

This course demystifies Twitter and can get someone up and running quite easily. I have already recommended it to the people in my network. I particularly found the extra tips to source content valuable. Each module's specific outcome is achieved and all modules are easy to understand. It exceeded my expectations.

Carol Gerber

Carol Gerber - Results Driven Coaching