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The digital marketing ninja with a knack for figuring out what makes people do the things they do.

Bettina Horvath is a dynamic self-made business woman with a love for teaching and the internet. Her more than 25 years experience in finding ways to meet client’s needs (aka sales) has led to a vast amount of knowledge in what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing, promoting and building businesses. She enjoys teaching other business owners how to grow and improve their businesses on- and off-line. Having been a handpicked SalesPartner™ personally trained by Blair Singer, her teaching methods are unique, interacting and results driven. As an active role model of using the whole spectrum of Inbound Marketing she has gained a reputation of walking her talk and speaking her truth.

Speaking topics:

  • Inbound Marketing in a Nutshell
    What in the world is inbound marketing, how does it differ from traditional methods, why organisations cannot risk being left behind and how to start the journey to effective digital content marketing.
    (1 hour)
  • Social Media for Business
    The key to success in using social media to grow you business is learning and applying time-old tested communication tools. Nothing really has changed – we need to learn how to communicate effectively, we just have more tools available to engage and connect with other people. More important than which tool to use exactly is learning why to use social media and how to do so effectively. Stop selling – start engaging.
    (10 min – 5 days, yes it really depends on the depth wanted/needed)
  • Generating leads in the 21. century
    Push marketing is out of flavour, cold-calling is looking more like  is a dinosaur these days. In the 21st century pull marketing is all the rage, and with reason. Pull marketing is all about being authentic, telling your story openly and in an inspiring way, such that new leads are attracted to you and want to work with you. If you want to learn how to attract leads to grow your business listen to this talk.
    (30-45 min)
  • Increasing emotional intelligence to succeed in business and life
    Emotions are our guidance system, telling us what’s going on around us and how we feel about it. However nobody really taught us how to read emotions, how to understand their meaning and how to use them effectively to create a better feeling place for ourselves, our families, team mates, clients and really anybody we come in contact with. A powerful and high impact talk/training.
    (1 hour – 2 days workshop)
  • Being found on the internet with or without a website: How to leverage a Google Places listing to create more leads for your business even if you don’t have a website.
    In today’s world of instant online search on mobile phones it is imperative for local businesses to show up when prospective clients search for their products and services online. In this talk Bettina outlines the options available to create an effective online presence without the need of a full website.
    (10-30 min please indicate time available)

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Individual talks and workshops available upon request.

Guest speaker at Avontuur breakfast, Strand business network, Somerset West business network, Xtraordinary Women network, Professional Organisers Organisation, Louis Slabbert DVH Training

Keynote speaker Xtraordinary Women business info sessions, DVH Roadshow, FET Colleges conference

What others are saying

DVH Roadshow testimonial

A 4 day roadshow, delivering a 45 min Social Media keynote speech










Bettina, you can rest assured that you have certainly pulled your weight as we have also received extremely
positive feedback regarding your various talks. I certainly would recommend you to other organisations and confirm that the feedback was excellent.

Johan van Heerden

Dykes, van Heerden Inc.

Thanks so much for an excellent workshop last week - you are a first class teacher and have a refreshing way of taking all the terror out of technology!!

Patricia McNaught Davis

Helderberg Hospice

Bettina is one of the best guest speakers that we have had at our events. She is extermely knowleageable in her area of expertise. So much so, that we keep inviting her back to speak to our network. I highly recommend Bettina as a Guest Speaker on all things on-line.

Gwen Kloppers

Xtraordinary Women

via Twitter: I think @BettinaHorvath has found her niche and social media marketing has become her passion; just did her course and well recommended.

Tim Upton

Home and Away Properties

Thanks again for such a great workshop. I've already spent all day yesterday working on my new landing tab!

Jessy Lipperts

Extraordinary Travel

The workshop was worth every cent. I'm in awe at the lessons learnt. Amazing experience; thanks a ton, Bettina.

Lerato Mahlo


Fantastic course thank you very much for the insightful information!Thanks again for the weekend. Really had great fun and will be getting my Facebook ready and in order!

Sybil Doms

House of Fashion

Awesome amount of information - definitely going to improve the way we assist clients. Great group of people. Thanks so much.

Zara Winterbach

Dynamic Exposure

Great workshop Bettina! Learned a lot and got great tips.

Rita Strachan

18 on Kloof B&B Gordon's Bay

Brilliant course - thank you so much.

Jane Otton

Celtic Manor Retreat and Wellness Spa

I really did not think I would learn much as I’ve attended a Social Media Workshop before. But I was pleasantly surprised. I got so much out of the two day workshop. I’m really impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that Bettina shares with the group! I highly recommend this workshop!

Gwen Kloppers

Xtraordinary Women

Thank you Bettina for your inspiring workshops and regular newsletters. You opened up my eyes to the essential value of having a web presence, and you opened up my mind to the numerous and exciting marketing possibilities there are on the net.

Patricia McNaught Davies

Helderberg Hospice, Winner of the 2011 Chamber of Commerce Marketing & Branding Award

Talk about energy, thinking out of the box and "vasbyt" and I think "Bettina". Her knowledge about the field that she teaches in is well grounded and she can therefore teach from experience. She has the ability to take you out of your comfortzone and make you grow to your full potential in what she teaches. Watch the "Bettina" space!

Debbie Laubscher

Computers for Dummies

I loved the workshop - was expecting a lot, and got more than I expected. I was inspired, and alerted to how much I still have to learn!
Thank you Bettina. You're a good teacher. [Social Media for Business]

Monica Cromhout

Great introduction to what Social Media entails and how it works for your business. [Social Media for Business]

Len Timbrell

Dynamic Exposure

This workshop was great to get a thorough overview of what to use where and when and how to use it. I gained a lot from it. [Social Media for Business]

Erika Kruger

Martin Van Niekerk Photography

Would definitely recommend because I find it gave me a thorough understanding of the social media world out there and why it's become so necessary. A very good broad overview of the subject. [Social Media for Business]

Caroline Dale

Truth Worx

I really enjoyed the workshop this morning thank you for sharing your insights! [Social Media for business]

Jan van Zyl

















Bettina Horvath

Bettina Horvath Oct 2012