Twitter for Business – The Ultimate Guide to Mastery delivered step by step

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  • for 7 days
  • 30-60 min per day to go through the day’s lesson
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Do you want to generate more leads in your business and use Twitter to do so?

Social Media provides the small business owner with a vast array of tools to communicate with the world at large, and more specifically with an audience who might be interested in their products and services. Twitter is one of the most underused tools for small businesses to increase their audience and build their social footprint, thereby getting known among people who are interested in what they’re doing.

However learning how to use Twitter is sometimes a steep learning curve. Not so much from a technical standpoint perhaps, in the end it’s simply status updates of 140 characters length, but I have yet to find a person who got onto Twitter and knew right away what to do with it, myself included!

So if you perhaps have looked at Twitter and couldn’t make head or tail of it, you’re not alone. When you’re at that point you have three options,

  1. bite the bullet and figure it out or
  2. leave it altogether or
  3. take my offer to guide you step by step

I see countless people starting to use Twitter a little but because it’s not obvious at all in the beginning how to best use it they get discouraged and give up. Read on, I have a solution for you.

Twitter has proven to be a great asset in any small business’ marketing tool box and it is important to learn how to use it to take full advantage of what it can offer. The benefits are obscure and need a bit of digging and strategising. I have long thought how I can best teach people how to use Twitter specifically for business and have decided a short email course will be the right mixture of affordability, yet high level material and time restraints.

  • no information overload because of day to day delivery
  • short time commitment of ± 30-60 minutes daily to go through lesson (much depending on current knowledge)
  • focus on getting Twitter under you belt in 7 days
  • enjoy exclusive lifetime access to Bettina’s private online community providing tips and tricks

Whether you already have a Twitter account or not, this course is a very good start to begin the journey, for only the cost of taking me out for coffee & cake once a day (I’m from Vienna, I love coffee & cake!). I’ll be taking you by the hand and lead you through the jungle that is Twitter every day for 7 days via e-mail. Plus you get to ask me any questions on this course in my exclusive online community reserved for workshop participants and clients, my inner circle.

A word to those who perhaps are already active on Twitter but aren’t seeing the benefit just yet, this will be an equally good exercise to go through to check whether you did all you could so far in your Twitter journey. You might want to skim the first few lessons but then make sure to catch the strategies later in the course and have the option to ask advanced questions in the forum.


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Here is what you can expect to receive when you sign up for

Twitter for Business 101, the 7 day email guide

  • A daily email with step by step instructions on how to
  • Set up your Twitter profile
  • Understand all the bits and pieces that make up Twitter (followers, following, lists, DMs, @mentions, etc.)
  • Daily lesson to incorporate immediately
  • 2 bonus strategies few people actually do, but those that do are killing it on Twitter
  • 1 secret strategy that isn’t secret at all, yet most people never think of applying it
  • Exclusive lifetime access to a private online community on G+ to share and experience with other participants
  • Access to the next upcoming Twitter focus call, exclusive for members of this training guide

Join the tribe of successful Twitter users and get the most out of the platform for your business today!

Here is a list of all the topics we will cover day by day:

  1. What is Twitter
  2. Proper account setup and interface walk through
  3. The basics of using Twitter
  4. Where and how to start, beginner strategies
  5. RTs, @s, #s, *s, saved searches
  6. What to share, content strategies
  7. Advanced strategies for business users and 3rd party applications
Bettina Horvath

Bettina Horvath

About the author of this course

My name is Bettina Horvath and I’m an Austrian citizen living in beautiful South Africa. I am Twitter user #15,262,257, signed up in June 2008. At first Twitter was a mystery to me, not surprising as nobody I knew was on it yet. But over the years that of course has changed and today I couldn’t imagine not using Twitter on a daily basis.

For more information about my journey and marketing background simply read my about page. People always ask when trying to figure out what one should do for a living what the activity was one used to play nonstop as a child. Well in my case that was being a teacher. I remember vividly conducting my invisible classroom but having a real teacher’s notebook, marking my “students”.

I love taking particularly technological subjects and “translating” them into everyday English descriptions. I see myself as the bridge that helps close the gap between the super user and those who weren’t born wifi-ready like today’s kids :)

I invite you to spend half an hour to an hour daily for the next 7 days with me to dive into Twitter, set it up appropriately, learn the basics and then some, get the conversations going and realise how you can use it strategically for your business.

You will be well equipped to put the learned practices into place thereby increasing your audience and building a great social presence to help you generate leads down the line.

Do you want to generate more leads in your business and use Twitter to do so?

satisfaction guaranteedThen sign up now. 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you do not know what and how to “do” Twitter despite following this guide I will return the fee 100%. I know that with this guide you’ll save so much time trying to figure everything out yourself and I am confident that I can help you fill in all the gaps.


If you have any questions at all about this course please contact me via email or anywhere on the social networks of your choice! I’d be happy to answer them.