An original Infographic from 1911

If you thought content marketing is a new discipline then check this out … an infographic from 1911! I have come across this somewhere online recently and I just had to share it in a lasting way. What a giggle. It’s got all the ingredients of a modern day infographic. I couldn’t explain good content […]

R750 Google AdWords vouchers up for grabs

Edit: The particular vouchers outlined in this article are a thing of the past. If you haven’t tried Google AdWords before, now is a good time. Google sent me some vouchers to use for new clients!  I love being a marketer in today’s world. There are many reasons but one is that I myself get exposed to […]

Santam vs Nando’s – Best advertising ever achieves win-win for all

I hate advertising, I’m a content marketing gal, I don’t like it when the sales talk is SO obvious and lets be frank, the way ads are made these days is boring at best. Luckily I don’t see much of this type of advertising as I’ve stopped watching TV years ago. Occassionally I get them […]