Social Media Tips for Business

In a recent interview on Fox News, Peter Shankman outlined these 7 tips for businesses wanting to use social media:

  • Be smart or otherwise known as the DBS rule, Don’t Be Stupid
    Everything lives forever online, don’t post angry, don’t engage in arguments, don’t post drunk
  • Know there is no difference between public and private
    Are you concerned about privacy? If you are, don’t post it. Keep it private.
  • Live your live like you’re constantly on camera
    You never know who catches you in which moment
  • Find out where your audience is and be there
    There is no point being on Twitter when none of your potential or existing clients ever tweeted in their life. How do you find out? Ask them
  • Be transparent. Admit mistakes and move on.
    Today companies are being rewarded for transparency. The biggest problems arise for those that at first deny everything.
  • Be relevant to your audience
  • Be brief, learn to write, write well
    Learn to write well, today our attention spans are too short, we dismiss what we don’t understand

Bettina Horvath, owner of MyBizPerforms, had breakfast with Peter in Cape Town in early 2011, here’s a picture:

peter shankman and bettina horvath

Peter Shankman and Bettina Horvath


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