Small Business Mentoring

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.
~ John C. Crosby 

In my 25+ years business experience I have learned that building a business without mentors and coaches is futile. There are so  many fields and areas that need to be covered it’s impossible for one person alone to do it all. Business is a team sport – even if you’re the only one on the payroll.

When I work with a business, no matter the size, I find myself going “into the zone”. I literally zoom in and shut everything else around me out. I listen intensely and purposefully and ask many probing questions to get a picture of what’s going on. I have found that when I look and listen at a business in that way I can see patterns form amongst all the fragmented parts I get a glimpse of and can then put them together to build a full picture.

I offer this service as “mentoring” for lack of a better word, it’s not strictly mentoring, nor is it strictly coaching. It’s my personal mix of tools to help any kind of business, or department within a business, take the next step in its evolution, one at a time.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? 

Each of the following services is geared towards achieving business goals of growth. They cover various areas, from marketing to team growth to delivery systems and anything in between. None of these are specific to just one area (for example marketing) but they could be if wanted/needed. I do offer a specialist Inbound Marketing Consulting service which is detailed on its own page.

Pick my Brain

Hope on a call or meet in person if possible any time you like. Here are all the details.

Monthly Check-in Call

This is a more structured one on one once a month session. The aim is to give a sounding board to the entrepreneur/business owner and help get clarity on goals and action plans over a period of time, at least 6 months but preferably 12. 1 hour to 1.5 hour session.

Growth Booster

For 12-24 months I’m on your board of directors (so to speak) and help you achieve whatever business goals you’re setting. I will strategise with you, get ideas going, set up plans, hold you accountable, hold your hand when it gets tough and let you fly when it’s rolling. With this programme you also get access to my network of specialists. As I mentioned no one person can know it all, and I certainly not either, but I understand every area in a business well enough to know what is needed and who can fulfil the need best.

It’s akin to the general in an army, he’s a generalist (hence the name) and understands the entire battlefield. He then decides which battalion goes where. His speciality is to be a generalist – understanding the big picture and making decisions accordingly.

Before embarking on this programme we need to have a process of discovery, usually at least one or two sessions before I want us to commit on either side. This programme asks a very deep involvement from my side and serious commitment on yours and we both need to be 100% sure we are a good fit. Generally speaking this programme is best fitted for those people and businesses who have a message to bring to the world, who genuinely want to be of service to their fellow human beings.

We won’t be discussing how we can squeeze out the most cents from the most people, we will be discussing how we can be of best service with this product you’re offering. Sleazy sales techniques are a thing of the past, in today’s world transparency and authenticity are asked for.

We will have regular online sessions and email conversations or chats. We will be in regular weekly communication via these channels.

Group Entrepreneur Circle

Using the digital tools available today I form groups of people, a bit like a mastermind group, and provide weekly online group coaching. While obviously not quite as effective as a one on one session, it nevertheless brings the group dynamic to the table which has many other advantages, like networking, peer recognition, peer accountability and so forth.

A min. of 5 and max. of 8 participants per group, min. of 6 months commitment, guided programme with homework, accountability and special research projects. Starts as soon as a group with the min. people have committed. You need to be set up with a webcam and microphone to participate.

Ask a question email subscription

Need a quick question answered? Send an email! Any time, no limitations (within reasonable use). Response time 90% within 24 hours, max. 48 hours. Monthly subscription service, min. of 3 months commitment.

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