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The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.
~ Peter Drucker 

Finally, with Inbound Marketing, we can fulfil Peter Druckers mandate completely.

Inbound Marketing is a term coined by Hubspot, a tech startup in Boston, US, describing marketing techniques aimed at attracting the right clientele to the marketing material put out versus having to put the marketing into a prospects “face” (outbound methods).

In essence it is the best way any company can embark on using the internet to attract leads (in a B2B environment) or sales (in a B2C and e-commerce environment). The advantages of using inbound marketing (or also called content marketing) are:

With inbound marketing you have a mixed bag of activities each designed to attract eyeballs to your content. Which is why it is often also called content marketing, although strictly speaking the two are not identical. That content can be on your website, a tweet, a video, etc. It’s not just one thing done and then it’s done. It’s multiple things repeatedly done again and again. The key is to create an overall strategy which then is executed step by step while staying agile enough to change in the moment if necessary.

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I’ve been using the internet and learning about internet marketing techniques since 1995. I intensified my studies and knowledge in 2010 as I could see this is the future in business. In South Africa we have the disadvantage of being about 2-3 years behind international trends, although in this field this turns into an advantage. We can study what happens overseas and know the trends will also come to our shores. I have seen this happening over and over again in the last 10 years.

In 2012 and again in 2013 I went through an online programme to become a certified Inbound Marketing Professional and was fortunate enough to find a client who was willing to walk on the cutting edge with me, to be one of the first companies in South Africa to seriously embrace all things inbound and turn their entire marketing on its head. As their MD Mark Geschke said “Space Age Technologies is known to be one step ahead and we do not shy away from trying new methods we believe will enhance how we serve our clients and in the case of Inbound Marketing how we gain them.” Together we embarked on the journey of turning this IT service provider into a net savvy inbound marketer, using content to attract leads.

The success lies in the content. From the first day I walked into this company I knew they are sitting on a treasure chest of unbelievable proportions as it relates to their expertise in IT. But it was all in their heads and didn’t help them attract new clients. Now they have started to capitalise on this expertise and use it to showcase why they are a leader in their field which helps them attract high quality leads.

Following Hubspots methodology closely and learning from many others in this space I divide the activities for inbound marketing as follows.

Inbound Marketing in a nutshell

Get found

This is the area where we concentrate on attracting traffic to the content. We make sure to be able to be found on various platforms, engage in social media, build relationships with clients, vendors, influencers all across the different media. SEO, PPC, social media, etc. all have a place here. This is measured with traffic numbers from various sources.

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Once a visitor has found us online, the key to success is relevant content, I cannot stress this enough. It’s no use attracting tons of traffic when they are not finding what they were looking for or it doesn’t do anything for them.

Content needs to be educating, informing, entertaining or inspiring. (Tweet this)

In order to create high quality content you need to add skills like writing and image manipulation to your skills pool. Depending on the size of your business you might outsource both, but in this modern day of marketing it is the words and visuals you are putting out into the world that make or break your impact on the bottom line.

Enchanting your visitors can be measured by for example how long they are staying on your website and if they stay to click on more pages, the bounce rate. (I “borrow” the word “enchant” from Guy Kawasaki’s book titled Enchantment.) What their path through your website is and other metrics.


Once we’ve attracted a visitor to the content and enchanted them with it, we want to convert them into a lead. This is done by adding many different educational offers asking for details from the potential lead. Using a system like Hubspot makes this step incredibly easy. It is possible to completely build a conversion path based on the visitor’s persona and cater to their specific needs.

Buying funnel as per HubspotFor example the first time they come to a site we just ask the minimum of information (like name and email perhaps), the next time they visit again we ask something more, one of the qualifier questions (for example how big the company is), once we have this information we can direct different more targeted content to this person. With every contact to this person we get to know them better and they us, and it makes it easy to lead them down a conversion path based on the buying cycle they go through.


When someone visits the content once it’s but a drop in the ocean. The key is to re-engage the visitors, leads and clients to keep top of mind with them. This is done via carefully laid out email campaigns (I stress carefully laid out because I’m talking about nurturing emails that serve the recipient first and foremost) and other techniques. For example with Hubspot I can set smart CTAs (call to actions) which change depending on who’s visiting the website. In this section we also tie in closed loop analytics (who comes from where) and sales integration, answering the question: “When is a lead ready to be passed on to sales?”.

When Sales becomes fun

Imagine your sales team only has to work with well educated and prepared leads who actually want to be contacted about a specific offer. This ultimately is the aim of this all. To end up only talking to people who have raised their hand saying, yes I want a piece of what you have to offer.

When marketing has done its job well, selling becomes easy. (Tweet this)

With Space Age Technologies for example it was just like that. Before they embraced inbound marketing they used the age old methods of cold calling and cold emailing. Their consultants had to talk to many people who weren’t really interested in talking to them. They ended up annoying more people than convincing them. After implementing the new inbound marketing strategies they now have a pipeline filled with leads who are eager to talk to them and find out about their solutions. (By the way, I have asked Chris Welham, their marketing director, if he’d be willing to speak to anyone about their inbound transition and he’s more than happy to do so, reach out to him here).

There are of course many factors that contribute to such a success story, but the scope of this page is not big enough to explore them all. Please follow my blog where I will keep talking about all things Inbound Marketing.

I offer my services as consultant to strategise, implement and analyse Inbound Marketing for companies interested in embarking on this journey. This includes advising on which software to use. 

For smaller companies with a smaller marketing budget I like to offer workshops, e-courses etc. Please have a look around this website to find what is currently available.

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Oh and … Inbound Marketing is fun!

On a light and fun note, here’s a slideshare deck that my friends at Hubspot put together, sums up my intention of moving you away from doing these outdated techniques quite well: