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Free e-book How to generate more leads with social media

Why does any business even contemplate having a profile and using Social Media? Of course it is to generate leads! But since the flat out broadcasting sales methods are frowned upon in social media the question remains, how does one actually generate those leads using non-sales tactics?

This 44 pages ebook tries to give an answer to that question and an overview on how to use the bigger platforms to generate leads. From the Introduction:

The world around us is changing at such a rapid speed it’s sometimes hard to keep up. I think we will look back in about 10 years’ time (or even sooner) and talk about the moment in time when the way we interacted with others changed, how the internet changed how we do the things we do on a very personal level.
I believe that is also why so many people struggle to figure this all out. There’s nothing wrong with these people. It’s simply that there is a new way of doing things and we’re currently in the learning phase, figuring out how to adapt and use these tools.

Social media, with all its platforms, is a conglomeration of tools to help us communicate better. Some do this quite well, others do not. The platforms and tools are varied and attract different people. Over the last few years a couple of popular platforms have emerged and I examine these in this book.

In essence those tools were all designed for interaction between private people. Business wasn’t initially targeted, Facebook for example started out on a campus and grew from there. And where there are many people coming together, once a platform goes mainstream, business wants to be in on the action. The true beneficiaries of social media are the small businesses all around the world. Never before have they had such an opportunity to be heard and build an audience by investing time rather than money.

 This FREE E-book includes these topics:

Section 1: Overview

  1. How do you generate more leads and sales on social media?
  2. What is social media?
  3. How to build an audience on social media

Section 2: The most important platforms for business

  1. Blogging – your own private soapbox
  2. Facebook – the global amusement park
  3. Twitter – chitchat at the global water cooler
  4. LinkedIn – online trade show
  5. Google+ – Central Park on your screen
  6. Pinterest – the public bookmark
  7. YouTube – your own TV/Movie Studio

Section 3: Summary and Bonus

  1. But where do the leads actually come from?
  2. Bonus chapter – Secret winner: Slideshare
  3. Bonus chapter – Dealing with negative feedback
  4. Bonus chapter – 9 steps to getting started in social media

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Here’s what others are saying about this ebook:

I would say your e-book on how to generate more leads from social media is short like a tweet, full of content like LinkdIn and easy like Facebook, but most importantly it provides value (I don't have twitter, so to me it was very valuable information).

It's the best quick guide to Social Media I ever read! (for dummies :D)

Senya V. Santa

Senya on Facebook

I read your ebook on "How To Generate More Leads with Social Media" ...LOVE the analogies you create for the platforms...makes so much more sense now...with the analogies front of mind you can actually create a workable social media plan...

Carol Gerber

Gerbera Coaching

This book answered my questions on the overwhelming issue on the use of social platforms in a sensible and practical way. The action tips are very valuable and can be helpful even to skilled users. I recommend this book to all entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Gerda de Villiers

Life Life Coaching