Pick my Brain

Bettina Horvath

Bettina Horvath

Over the years I have found what I’m best in: diving into someone’s business and helping them make sure they’re on track and do the necessary things they need to do it to grow it. In recent years I have specialised in everything online marketing because this is where usually the biggest need is.

But enough about me, you can read up more here. Let’s talk about you and your online presence. How is it shaping up? Do you know it can do with a bit of improvement? But are you not sure where or how to improve it? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Simply pick my brain!

In person or over the internet, either way, I’m ready to be present with and for you and help you make sure you get the most out of your activities online. A session will last anything from 1-2 hours. I find in every single case after just one such session my clients have enough material to keep them busy for a couple of weeks.

Some of them are good to go for a much longer time, others like to come back monthly or any other interval they choose. It’s entirely up to you how often you want to sit down and get clear on your activities.

The big question on everybody’s mind: what does it cost?

The answer: that depends – on my availability. When I am busy with client projects I won’t have much time to do individual 1 on 1 sessions, that’s when they are a lot pricier. Other times I have more available time and then I reduce the price.

In a half an hour Skype session with Bettina I gained much more than I expected too. Three things stands out for me from this experience: firstly, she is upfront and honest and that helps me to really know where my weak points are; secondly, she gave me practical tips that I could already use a few hours after talking to her; thirdly, her extensive business experience allows her to give me an out-of-the-box perspective on where I am in my business. These you don’t get easily! – Debbie Laubscher

Generally I am far less expensive than any overseas coach offering the same services. In fact, if you are overseas you should really take advantage of the exchange rate between your currency and mine, the Rand – usually that is very strongly in your favour. I am able to take credit card payments from anywhere in the world.

My fees range between $50 and $200 for individual sessions. When you request a session below via booking my calendar I will send you an email with the exact fee and a payment link. Once processed we’re good to go. If you rather not do it you can simply cancel the booking via the link provided, do let me know why though and perhaps we can work out a win-win. I love win-win’s :)

There’s also a 30 min free Inbound Marketing Assessment available which while not as indepth as a full session will still give you a good overview. Please click that link and add your details there, I need some more background info in order to do this before we book a time.

Thank you for the one-on-one inbound marketing session, Bettina. It is such a relief to talk to someone so approachable and knowledgeable on inbound marketing. I found your insights into how to optimise navigation of my business website extremely valuable – I’ll definitely be following up on your suggestions made. Also very useful was going through the marketing grader – noting where and how my website is and isn’t performing – and prioritising what actions I can take to improve visibility, lead generation and conversions. I’ve always had a slight fear of using social media platforms but with your suggestions on where and how to research these, I now feel that I can and will step forward and communicate my message with confidence. I will definitely be in touch to report back on my online activity, growth and success! Thank you again. – Gail Walmsley

It is in my nature to give my all whenever I do something, so in a session with me you can be assured that my entire focus and attention is on you, I am present with you and your challenges and together we will find the best outcome to help you move along your journey. My world ceases to exist when I’m on a call with you, it’s all about you and how you can move forward. Are you ready for that kind of attention?

Then go along and book a meeting …