An original Infographic from 1911

If you thought content marketing is a new discipline then check this out … an infographic from 1911!

I have come across this somewhere online recently and I just had to share it in a lasting way. What a giggle. It’s got all the ingredients of a modern day infographic. I couldn’t explain good content better than this ad for chewing gum does – except for the information itself of course! That’s rather, well let’s say outdated.

the original inforgraphic



How can you use this image? Model it! This ad is by a gum company but it doesn’t talk about the gum at all except the last part of course which is a bit oh well, let’s not model that part! But the rest gives useful information (let’s assume it was in those days) and educates their intended audience.

And it spreads over 100 years later still! Now that’s a long lasting piece of content :) … that of course is one of the great parts of content marketing, lasting assets that keep producing results. Which is a lot easier nowadays with websites and all the rest than it was in the old days.

So, what infographic or piece of information could you put together that is useful to your audience?