How to return a favour online

Say Thank You onlineWhen someone asks you “Would you do me a favour?” you know that usually means doing something for them for which they are not intending to give you any monetary value in return. Of course there are hundreds of situations where this is perfectly fine.

However where it becomes a problem is when that favour involves things that you’d normally charge for as a service. Or when the favour is really time consuming or even costs you money. The thing is, I’m the first to advocate giving comes before receiving and this is certainly true in my life. So when you ask me to do you a favour I will almost always say yes, and if I really can’t do it then I tell you why not.

The question then is – how does that favour return? Well that depends from which side you’re looking at it.

If you’re the one who’s done the favour and you sit and wait for the return you’re in trouble. That’s not how it works. You give without expecting and that’s how it should be. Just give and let the universe work out the receiving. And it will always come back to you, good or bad. What you sow is what you reap, always, you don’t have to worry about it.

However if you are on the other side, when you are asking for the favour, you have a GREAT opportunity to easily help karma along (which we mostly understand as a symbol for that which controls who gets what based on who did what). The next time someone does something for you and doesn’t ask anything in return you thank them as normal as you would always do, but then you go one step further.

You thank them online. 

The easiest way to thank anybody with a bit of “meat”, meaning something more than just appreciation (which by itself is good too, don’t get me wrong, I’m just taking you to the next level here), is to hop online and give them a link, a share, a like. 

These days almost everyone I know is selling something online (and if you don’t, why not???). Everyone has something they want to promote, an idea, a business, a product, a charity, a cause etc. There’s always something that each one of us wants to help along, to promote. And that’s what makes it so easy for you to thank for the favour, look at their profile and give them some link love, as I call it, to their business or cause.

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Share buttons are found on most websites - use them freelyIf they have a fanpage on Facebook, go there like it AND share it with your friends. Just find the share link bottom left and share it on your timeline. You don’t have to do anymore. That’s just fine. Big thanks.
  • If they recently posted something about a cause that’s dear to them, go find it and share it with your peeps. Big thanks.
  • If they have a website and you have one too, add a link from yours to theirs. MEGA THANKS. This is called linking and the search engines look for these links. The more links pointing to a website the higher it will rank in the search results.
  • If they have a website but you don’t, hop on your favourite social media platform and share a link to their site with a little explanation on what people can find there. So many thanks.
  • If you’re both on Twitter give them a #ff shoutout. But please don’t just drop the name, give a reason why people should follow.
  • Go one further, tell the people in your network (via your preferred social media platform) that soandso just did you a really big favour and you’d like to publicly thank them. And then link to whatever page, site, content, profile of them.

Can you see how easy it is nowadays to thank people in public and give them something totally cost free in return? In the old days we used to write thank you cards, that’s totally come out of fashion.

The online link is the modern day thank you card! (Tweet this)

I’ve become known as the promoter non plus ultra. Watch my timelines anywhere and you’ll see I promote a lot of other people and businesses. And it’s always because I think what I’m sharing is of worth to my followers and the people mentioned most likely have done me some or other kind of favour and I’m gladly returning the thank you with some link love. Or sometimes I just think they’re doing such a great job they can do with an extra shout out here and there. Or it’s something that is close to my heart. Or sometimes it is a proper referral program, also fine because mostly I use those myself. You get the idea.

To summarize: don’t hold back with your public praise of others and include a link to their stuff with the praise. It’s the easiest way to return or at least thank them for the favour.

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