How to add an administrator to your Facebook page

Here’s a quick run down on how to add another person to administrate your business page. It’s good practice to have at least 2 people as administrators just in case one decides to remove themselves (on purpose or by accident) and then if there is no further admin the page is lost in cyberspace. I’ve seen it, it happens.

So here’s how to go about it, there are basically two options (from the front of your page and from the back of your page) to add anyone as an administrator on Facebook – that means, you don’t have to be friends on Facebook to add another person.

Option 1 – from the front page

This used to be the quickest and easiest solution, but Facebook changed how we find the list of people who like our page. It’s still quick and easy – as long as the person you want to make administrator likes your page. Check below the image for a description of the steps.

5 steps to add an administrator to Facebook

5 steps to add anyone who likes your page as an administrator:

  1. On your page on the left navigation bar under your page logo click on “Insights” that opens your insights as well as a little submenu list below. In there click on “Likes”.
  2. Once you’re inside the likes insights of your page look to the top right corner. You’ll find a link “see likes”. Click it.
  3. A pop-up opens showing you all the likes of your page. Most recent ones on top. Find the person and click “make admin”. There is no way to search for them so if you have many likes and the person was an early “liker” this way to add them is not the easiest. Scroll further down for option 2.
  4. You will be taken to the backend of your page and it will alert you that you have unsaved changes. Click on “Save Changes”.
  5. Another popup opens and asks you for your password, an added security feature by Facebook. Click “Save” and voila, it’s done. The person will get a notification that you have made them admin and they then have all the same options as you the owner with the page.

Option 2 – from the backend of your page

This option is a bit quicker if you have the person’s email address. Now this works flawlessly if you’re using the email that is associated with the person’s Facebook account (the one they use to login to Facebook). As this very often is a different one to the one they are normally using the adding is not immediate as in the first option. If you got the one they’re using to login then it’s just as quick.

How to add an administrator to a Facebook page


4 steps to add someone who’s email address you have as an administrator to your Facebook page:

  1. On your page look top right to click on “Edit page” and enter the backend of your Facebook page.
  2. In the navigation list on the left choose “Manage admins”
  3. Add the email address of the person you want to add (see above explanation on which one to use). Here you also have to option to add several admins at a time. Click on “Add another admin” if you want to do that.
  4. Enter your password again to confirm.

And there you have it, now you have multiple admins to your Facebook page. If you want to remove anyone follow Option 2 until you get to your admin backend and simply click “remove” next to their picture and name, confirm with your password and that’s it.

I hope this helps. Our team are specialists in creating outstanding Facebook presences for individuals as well as companies and brands. We make sure you look good on Facebook, know how to use it to your fullest advantage and learn how to build community as well as generate leads for your business – tiny or huge. Contact us  for more information.