Facebook 101 for Beginners and Newbies

Have you ever felt that awkward moment when you didn’t know how something worked, for example¬†how does Facebook actually work, and were too embarrassed to ask in public for help because you didn’t want to look like the only one who couldn’t figure out how Facebook works? I know I’ve been in this situation many times and in the course of helping business owners get a grip on their marketing I’ve realised that there are many people out there that haven’t come out of the womb with an internet ready wifi connection who simply know what to do! :)

And while so far I’ve only concentrated my teaching and help on people and business owners who were looking to do marketing on Facebook I decided to reach out to all those folk who like what they see – so far – on Facebook but now they would really like to have some kind of a user guide for Facebook, or a Facebook tutorial, or at least some sort of usable Facebook instructions – but there’s none or those people who want to get started but have absolutely no idea where to begin.

And when you’re asking your children or grandchildren to help you, you’re back in that awkward moment and hear “well you just click here and there and that’s it, easy, just do it.” Um, thanks dear offspring, I’m non the wiser.

Enter “Facebook 101 for Beginners and Newbies” an interactive online course

Facebook for beginners and newbies online coursewhere I take you by the hand and offer you a step by step multi media guide to figure out how to use Facebook. The course is divided into 18 segments, each 2-5 minutes long and you can decide how much you want to tackle in one session or not. It’s almost as good as having me sit next to you to show you where to click and what will happen.

This is just between you and me and I promise you, I have infinite patience! :) … Not only do you get this Facebook course divided into segments to go through at your own pace, but you also have 24 hour e-mail access to me. If you come across something in the course and no matter how many times you go over it again you still have a question you don’t have to go anywhere else, right there in the corner sits a little “?” and upon clicking it you shoot me an email straight away with a question. My promise to you is to answer within 24 hours, often it will be much quicker.

Plus you’re also part of a greater community of other people using this course to learn the basics of how to setup Facebook, how to use Facebook and how to start having fun with Facebook by having the option to join my insider Facebook group. Because I promise you, it is really fun! The level of interaction is great and it’s the easiest way for you to keep up with all the things your family and friends are up to. I feel more connected to everybody then ever before.

Facebook for beginners and newbies online courseNow, are you ready to dive into the ultimate beginners guidebook for Facebook?

Great! Just let me be really clear, I have NO affiliation with Facebook whatsoever. I’m neither employed by them nor in any other kind of collaboration with them. This course is based on my usage of the platform and is in no way fully comprehensive. It is meant as a beginners guide for all those folks who struggle a bit with all the buttons and clicks and who feel overwhelmed by all the flickering and fast moving items.


Here’s the detailed list of what you will find in this multimedia online course “Facebook 101 for Beginners and Newbies”

  • How to set up an account on Facebook (private or business?)
  • How to get started on Facebook
  • How the information on your personal Facebook profile is handled and how to decide who sees what
  • How to navigate around Facebook and find things easily
  • What the little icons on top of the blue Facebook bar with the red numbers mean
  • What’s the difference between clicking on my name and home in the blue Facebook bar?
  • What is the “home” page anatomy of Facebook?
  • How do I set my favourites in the left navigation bar on Facebook?
  • Where/How can I see all the groups, pages, apps, lists I joined/created on Facebook?
  • How do I control how many stories I see how often from my friends in the newsfeed?
  • And what is the Facebook newsfeed anyway?
  • How to set the level of frequency for Facebook pages you’ve liked
  • What’s the difference between highlighted stories and recent stories?
  • How do I make the names of my friends/pages appear as a blue clickable hyperlink in my status update? (How to tag other profiles and pages on Facebook)
  • How do I share a photo?
  • How do I share a link to another webpage?
  • What does the fast moving list on the right mean? (What’s the Facebook ticker?)
  • How does the Facebook chat work and how can I switch it on or off?
  • How do I organise my friends on Facebook into separate lists?
  • What are the Facebook account settings and how do I change them?
  • How do I change my level of privacy on Facebook?
  • What are groups?
  • How do I stop getting all these notifications about people posting in Facebook groups?
  • How to spot and avoid Facebook spam and approve genuine applications
All these items are discussed by me in little videos that show you with screenshots exactly where you find the information and where you need to click. You can pause the explanation at any time and go over it again, try it out yourself in another tab/window and then come back to continue.
At various points throughout the course little quizzes break up the topics and help you make sure you understand everything.
And not to forget the included e-mail as well as Facebook-group help which is part and parcel of the course. So if you do get stuck you don’t have to stay stuck! It’s almost as good as being in a live workshop, only you don’t have to travel and can do it at 3 am in the morning if you so like :)
I’ve been having a lot of fun putting this together and I hope you’ll have the same fun going through it!
Facebook for beginners and newbies online course
For only US $ 14.95 you get
  • 4 weeks access to the entire 18 segment interactive online course “Facebook 101 for beginners and newbies”
  • 4 weeks free e-mail access to course creator Bettina Horvath
  • unlimited access to the online insider Facebook group/community created for users of this and other courses (optional)
If you have any further question please contact me!