Lessons from a superhero – meeting Braam Malherbe

Every so often we get a chance to hear truly inspiring stories from people who have done the impossible. I love meeting these kind of people, I thrive on hearing how they’ve overcome their obstacles and made it work anyway. Last week I was fortunate enough to meet a living legend. I’m talking about extreme […]

How to set achievable goals – hangout replay with Carol Gerber

In January I did my first Google Hangout on air and did we have a blast! Coach Carol Gerber and I were jamming it big time. Here’s the replay. A chat on setting achievable goals and I fell apart right away :)  .. the intention was to do this every Friday but as you know, life […]

Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs

Bettina Horvath will be presenting an Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs on July 27, 2012. *EDIT: watch the replay here.  I have recently passed the online exam of www.inboundmarketing.com and can call myself now an Inbound Marketing Professional. What is inbound marketing? I like to simply say, it’s when leads are knocking on your door […]

Twitter webinars

I’ve scheduled two free webinars on the topic of how to use Twitter as a business person. The first one concentrates on total beginners who have no clue what is what on Twitter and how to use it and the other one is aimed at those more advanced users who have been on Twitter for […]

Social Media Tips for Business

In a recent interview on Fox News, Peter Shankman outlined these 7 tips for businesses wanting to use social media: Be smart or otherwise known as the DBS rule, Don’t Be Stupid Everything lives forever online, don’t post angry, don’t engage in arguments, don’t post drunk Know there is no difference between public and private […]

Creating Passive Income Streams – by Steve Pavlina

This is a complete newsletter sent out by Steve Pavlina. Please note that he has released all copyright from his material and it is thus permissible to reproduce his work word by word in any which way. All links have remained intact. If you enjoyed the article please consider purchasing one of his products or even donating. […]

What an actor can teach us about success

Actor Will Smith on success and mastery.