Facebook ads are the new flyers

Half the money, twice the number of people reached; this is one of my results with Facebook ads vs. printed flyers. Read on for the details.  Small business advertising used to be a Yellow pages ad, flyers dropped into post boxes and perhaps a print ad in the local paper. Coupled with word of mouth […]

A Twitter use case – special research

“What’s the use of Twitter?” is a question I get regularly asked, particularly by those who have only just recently signed up and cannot see any point in the whole thing. That is an experience for pretty every one when first signing up to the service. However with time that view changes, Twitter is a […]

The secret power of Twitter: lists

Are you suffering from Twitterstream overload? Too much noise simply irritating you? I’ve been there, until I figured out the secret power available in Twitter that is totally underused, lists. I believe the problem with lists on Twitter is that unless you use a tool that lets you manage them easily they are pretty useless. […]

Why it is about the number of likes

“They” say it’s never about the number of likes. “They” also say it’s never about the money. Both are wrong – up to a point. 

The real reason why you need Social Media profiles

Everyone in social media will remind you that it is about being social and not about marketing. And everyone condemns those blatant sales profiles that have nothing else to offer other than your typical “buy me” messages. But then, so many people ask, why have social media profiles if not for marketing? And that’s where […]

Santam vs Nando’s – Best advertising ever achieves win-win for all

I hate advertising, I’m a content marketing gal, I don’t like it when the sales talk is SO obvious and lets be frank, the way ads are made these days is boring at best. Luckily I don’t see much of this type of advertising as I’ve stopped watching TV years ago. Occassionally I get them […]

What is Google Plus?

Naturally I get asked this question many times, what is it and how to use it. In South Africa its adoption is still very slow, although growing fast. What I personally like about G+ is its integration into the entire web experience and search. I prefer seeing what my network has said about a particular […]

“I need a new website” – do you really?

Let me tackle an important subject today, that of “I need a website”. I get approached all the time with this request but upon further investigation what the person really is saying is “I need more sales in my business and I believe having a website will bring them in.” Does that sound familiar? Are […]

Why Video content is so important

In South Africa the production of video content – and also its consumption – is still somewhat hindered by the lack for affordable bandwidth. Despite this challenge videos are playing a bigger and bigger part in marketing. Today I want to show you why and how a video works in generating traffic to your website. […]

Facebook is no billboard

At first Facebook was a toy for students. Now it’s turned into a necessity for business owners, or so it seems anyway. Everywhere you see businesses getting their Facebook pages up, some simple, some elaborate, small one man solopreneurs all the way to multinational corporations. So if they all do it then it must work, […]