A Twitter use case – special research

“What’s the use of Twitter?” is a question I get regularly asked, particularly by those who have only just recently signed up and cannot see any point in the whole thing. That is an experience for pretty every one when first signing up to the service. However with time that view changes, Twitter is a […]

E-mail marketing rules are changing in South Africa

Marketers using e-mail marketing in South Africa might be in for a rude awakening. So far companies got away with sending unsolicited email as long as they provided an opt-out solution (even without that not much happened). Particularly small business owners didn’t think much of sending an electronic flyer to whoever happened to be in […]

The secret power of Twitter: lists

Are you suffering from Twitterstream overload? Too much noise simply irritating you? I’ve been there, until I figured out the secret power available in Twitter that is totally underused, lists. I believe the problem with lists on Twitter is that unless you use a tool that lets you manage them easily they are pretty useless. […]

Do your vouchers suck?

No doubt digital marketing is very important these days and no business can really go without it. Nevertheless there is still a lot of offline marketing to create that helps businesses spread their message. One such method is the use of vouchers (which actually can also be very effectively used online, but those are for […]

How to take Inbound Marketing off the screen and blow minds

HubSpot takes the cake of Inbound Marketing with sending a present across the oceans. The story and 6 key points to note for marketers below.  Last year some time I started learning about the term “Inbound Marketing” as a particular form of using all sorts of online tactics to generate leads. I’ve learned about Inbound […]

What is Google Plus?

Naturally I get asked this question many times, what is it and how to use it. In South Africa its adoption is still very slow, although growing fast. What I personally like about G+ is its integration into the entire web experience and search. I prefer seeing what my network has said about a particular […]

How to return a favour online

When someone asks you “Would you do me a favour?” you know that usually means doing something for them for which they are not intending to give you any monetary value in return. Of course there are hundreds of situations where this is perfectly fine. However where it becomes a problem is when that favour […]

Why Video content is so important

In South Africa the production of video content – and also its consumption – is still somewhat hindered by the lack for affordable bandwidth. Despite this challenge videos are playing a bigger and bigger part in marketing. Today I want to show you why and how a video works in generating traffic to your website. […]

Linking your Facebook updates to Twitter

Upon doing a little online presence assessment for a client I noticed that his Facebook updates went straight to his Twitter stream, where they didn’t make any sense at all. Which is also why I generally advise people not do this. Those two platforms are different in nature and should be treated differently. He asked […]

Facebook is no billboard

At first Facebook was a toy for students. Now it’s turned into a necessity for business owners, or so it seems anyway. Everywhere you see businesses getting their Facebook pages up, some simple, some elaborate, small one man solopreneurs all the way to multinational corporations. So if they all do it then it must work, […]