E-mail marketing rules are changing in South Africa

Marketers using e-mail marketing in South Africa might be in for a rude awakening. So far companies got away with sending unsolicited email as long as they provided an opt-out solution (even without that not much happened). Particularly small business owners didn’t think much of sending an electronic flyer to whoever happened to be in […]

Humans have changed – what marketers need to be aware of

Humans and their behaviour have changed. In a new presentation uploaded by Hubspot’s CMO Mike Volpe, Inbound Marketing A Love Story, was a slide which immediately caught my eye. It talks about how we  as humans have changed in various ways. I haven’t heard him present this particular slide so please be aware that what follows […]

The secret power of Twitter: lists

Are you suffering from Twitterstream overload? Too much noise simply irritating you? I’ve been there, until I figured out the secret power available in Twitter that is totally underused, lists. I believe the problem with lists on Twitter is that unless you use a tool that lets you manage them easily they are pretty useless. […]

How to set achievable goals – hangout replay with Carol Gerber

In January I did my first Google Hangout on air and did we have a blast! Coach Carol Gerber and I were jamming it big time. Here’s the replay. A chat on setting achievable goals and I fell apart right away :)  .. the intention was to do this every Friday but as you know, life […]

Do your vouchers suck?

No doubt digital marketing is very important these days and no business can really go without it. Nevertheless there is still a lot of offline marketing to create that helps businesses spread their message. One such method is the use of vouchers (which actually can also be very effectively used online, but those are for […]

Why it is about the number of likes

“They” say it’s never about the number of likes. “They” also say it’s never about the money. Both are wrong – up to a point. 

R750 Google AdWords vouchers up for grabs

Edit: The particular vouchers outlined in this article are a thing of the past. If you haven’t tried Google AdWords before, now is a good time. Google sent me some vouchers to use for new clients!  I love being a marketer in today’s world. There are many reasons but one is that I myself get exposed to […]

Tofu and Mofu, the path to optimum lead conversion and why you need to develop a taste for them as marketer

Not all things are equal, and certainly not your prospective clients. A discussion aimed at getting you started to design a lead conversion path, a visitors journey through your website, the marketing and sales funnel.  Tofu and mofu refer to top of funnel and middle of funnel respectively. What is meant by this is that […]

The real reason why you need Social Media profiles

Everyone in social media will remind you that it is about being social and not about marketing. And everyone condemns those blatant sales profiles that have nothing else to offer other than your typical “buy me” messages. But then, so many people ask, why have social media profiles if not for marketing? And that’s where […]

How to take Inbound Marketing off the screen and blow minds

HubSpot takes the cake of Inbound Marketing with sending a present across the oceans. The story and 6 key points to note for marketers below.  Last year some time I started learning about the term “Inbound Marketing” as a particular form of using all sorts of online tactics to generate leads. I’ve learned about Inbound […]