Big life decisions come surprisingly easy

(This post appeared first on my private blog Notes from the Rabbit Hole)

The Danube in Vienna

The Danube in Vienna

17 years ago I hopped on a plane to Cape Town coming from Vienna, Austria, hoping to find a new home. Not only did I find it, I also made lots of lovely new friends and had my beloved son here too in 2004.

I had no thoughts of returning to Austria at all. Until earlier this year I took my son, now 9, to visit my home country and meet his uncle and aunt for the first time as a young person. He was a toddler when we were up there last. Let’s just say, it was love at first sight for the 3 of them. You see, my son grows up without his father who decided being a daddy isn’t for him and never came to play the role in his son’s life. While it was extraordinarily hard for me to be a single mom from day 1 without family close by and without any support system at first I managed. But as my son grew older I knew he needed a male role model in his life.

It’s not for lack of wanting but being a single mom and building a business at the same time is taxing, there wasn’t much time left for dating so our little family remains just that, very small. When I walked along the Danube in Vienna earlier this year I thought for the first time, that perhaps moving back wouldn’t be such a bad thing. In fact perhaps it would be a really good thing.

What happened after that is a bit mind boggling, I went from from “I will never move back” to “I’m coming back” in only 5 months! The first call of action was to find a suitable career, living in Austria isn’t cheap and unfortunately with Rands only I wouldn’t get very far overseas. But clearly it’s in our destiny to move back and so it wasn’t too long before I found not only one but two agencies who are most eager to work with me in my chosen field of work – it’s stuff I really, really love: helping others create marketing people love, otherwise called inbound marketing.

With that sorted everything else was just a matter of organising. Perhaps I shouldn’t say “just” because wow, I’m a little breathless at the speed and enormity of this adventure. Some of the lovely people I’ve come to know over the years don’t even know yet that this is happening right now, that’s the fastness of it. Hence my post now to explain to everyone why I am leaving this beautiful new home in early August.

I don’t see it as a forever decision, it is one that for now is the best for all of us and so it was surprisingly easy to make the decision to pack up and go. It’s very scary at the same time because clear planning is near impossible with a move like that (and I experienced this 17 years ago already) but once again I step into the fear and trust that we will be fine no matter what.

I’m also leaving behind my beloved Playhouse which has given me a 2nd home in all those years. A place I could go to on a Friday evening, kid in tow and enjoy a drink at the bar with friends. No other place would have made that possible. Perhaps it’s for good reason that I go out with a big show, Sleuth, that I’m busy directing – apart from packing up. It’s a fitting full stop to a chapter in my life that’s now closing.

But remember, this isn’t good-bye, this is “Auf Wiedersehen”. I know we both will be back for visits and me probably permanent again in a couple of years. For now my son and I are both excited about what the future has in store for us.

My business and my blog remain with only a few but exciting changes ahead. After I’m settled on the other side I’ll continue blogging more regularly.