Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs

Bettina Horvath will be presenting an Inbound Marketing Webinar for Solopreneurs on July 27, 2012. *EDIT: watch the replay here.  I have recently passed the online exam of and can call myself now an Inbound Marketing Professional. What is inbound marketing? I like to simply say, it’s when leads are knocking on your door […]

Santam vs Nando’s – Best advertising ever achieves win-win for all

I hate advertising, I’m a content marketing gal, I don’t like it when the sales talk is SO obvious and lets be frank, the way ads are made these days is boring at best. Luckily I don’t see much of this type of advertising as I’ve stopped watching TV years ago. Occassionally I get them […]

What is Google Plus?

Naturally I get asked this question many times, what is it and how to use it. In South Africa its adoption is still very slow, although growing fast. What I personally like about G+ is its integration into the entire web experience and search. I prefer seeing what my network has said about a particular […]

Twitter webinars

I’ve scheduled two free webinars on the topic of how to use Twitter as a business person. The first one concentrates on total beginners who have no clue what is what on Twitter and how to use it and the other one is aimed at those more advanced users who have been on Twitter for […]

“I need a new website” – do you really?

Let me tackle an important subject today, that of “I need a website”. I get approached all the time with this request but upon further investigation what the person really is saying is “I need more sales in my business and I believe having a website will bring them in.” Does that sound familiar? Are […]

How to return a favour online

When someone asks you “Would you do me a favour?” you know that usually means doing something for them for which they are not intending to give you any monetary value in return. Of course there are hundreds of situations where this is perfectly fine. However where it becomes a problem is when that favour […]

USP – Unique Selling Proposition, or why anyone should buy from you

Have you ever asked yourself why anyone should or would buy from you? It’s a key question well worth spending time answering because if you’ve figured that one out you make it easy for people to buy from you. Business owners are generally convinced their product/service is the best on earth and so it should […]

5 tips to not look like a spammer in your online campaign

I just came across an example of an online campaign that is either a total spam or it’s legit but then they forgot to put some important ingredients in place. Read on to avoid looking like a spammer and on the other hand to be alert when surfing the net yourself. There are so many […]

Why Video content is so important

In South Africa the production of video content – and also its consumption – is still somewhat hindered by the lack for affordable bandwidth. Despite this challenge videos are playing a bigger and bigger part in marketing. Today I want to show you why and how a video works in generating traffic to your website. […]

Linking your Facebook updates to Twitter

Upon doing a little online presence assessment for a client I noticed that his Facebook updates went straight to his Twitter stream, where they didn’t make any sense at all. Which is also why I generally advise people not do this. Those two platforms are different in nature and should be treated differently. He asked […]