Big life decisions come surprisingly easy

(This post appeared first on my private blog Notes from the Rabbit Hole) 17 years ago I hopped on a plane to Cape Town coming from Vienna, Austria, hoping to find a new home. Not only did I find it, I also made lots of lovely new friends and had my beloved son here too […]

The true secret to success

Or who would you like to meet to grow your business? At one of the recent networking events I attended, instead of introducing myself, I asked this question: “Who would you like to meet next in order to grow your business? Who could help you move ahead the most?” I invited everyone to write on […]

An original Infographic from 1911

If you thought content marketing is a new discipline then check this out … an infographic from 1911! I have come across this somewhere online recently and I just had to share it in a lasting way. What a giggle. It’s got all the ingredients of a modern day infographic. I couldn’t explain good content […]

Facebook ads are the new flyers

Half the money, twice the number of people reached; this is one of my results with Facebook ads vs. printed flyers. Read on for the details.  Small business advertising used to be a Yellow pages ad, flyers dropped into post boxes and perhaps a print ad in the local paper. Coupled with word of mouth […]

A Twitter use case – special research

“What’s the use of Twitter?” is a question I get regularly asked, particularly by those who have only just recently signed up and cannot see any point in the whole thing. That is an experience for pretty every one when first signing up to the service. However with time that view changes, Twitter is a […]

The power of the marketing funnel

Or how you chase potential clients away from you website instead of attracting them. Every time you have to decide what to put on your website and what not you’re faced with a dilemma. You have too many services and solutions and in an effort to catch every visitor and potential client you put it […]

Lessons from a superhero – meeting Braam Malherbe

Every so often we get a chance to hear truly inspiring stories from people who have done the impossible. I love meeting these kind of people, I thrive on hearing how they’ve overcome their obstacles and made it work anyway. Last week I was fortunate enough to meet a living legend. I’m talking about extreme […]

Mini Inbound Marketing case study: to page 1 on Google in 7 days

I generally guarantee my results. I know that if my clients follow my advise they will increase their online visibility and with that bring in leads and sales. However I usually tell them it will take at least 6 months before we will see any results. Now anyone in Inbound Marketing knows that this is very conservative […]

What you need to know about website cookies

When browsing the web today it is near impossible to not encounter a “cookie”. However that encounter happens in the background and you as the visitor aren’t necessarily aware that a cookie is stored on your browser. Sometimes you may be greeted by a short message which makes you aware that the site uses ‘website […]

Review: “To Sell is Human” by Daniel H. Pink

If you know me or have read about me you will know that I have a very strong background in sales. In my time I’ve learned to “prospect” complete strangers in a mall, cold call more strangers on the phone and objection handle harder than anyone else. All the time I’ve hated it, like most […]