About My Biz Performs

Bettina Horvath

Bettina Horvath Oct 2012

“My Biz Performs” was founded in July 2010 when I, owner Bettina Horvath, had ended a business relationship with the SalesPartners Franchise Organisation. Starting from scratch I thought long and hard about what it is that I want to do and what I do best. It wasn’t hard to find, during my entire career I’ve always worked with people helping them build businesses and upon reflecting I realised what I truly do all the time is help people get their businesses performing.

I help them build business plans, marketing plans, systems, teams, etc. all in order to make sure the business performs. And all too often I find that unless the owner performs, there will be no business. It should be the other way around! The aim is for the business to perform to provide for the owner and employees. I formulated my philosophy around this premise and it’s been my guiding light ever since.

It’s not about stopping to work, farm from it! It is about working smart and realising that working hard makes only sense when it is channelled in the right way, lest it’s wasted energy. A business goes through various phases and cycles and has different needs at different times. In the beginning it’s all about proving the idea and finding customers. Then once that is working (a huge step many fall over and give up to soon!) keeping the quality up becomes important, systems need to be put in place, a team built and so the journey goes on.


My Biz Performs is entirely run by myself with the occasional assistance of various freelancers and colleagues depending on projects and the need for skills. I don’t take on many projects at once but those that I do take on I embrace with everything I’ve got. I love diving into a business, learning what makes it tick and how it can be improved. Since the founding days I’ve experimented with various different services and products and I will keep refining those.

Today “My Biz Performs” is a boutique consultancy focusing on

  • integrated inbound marketing strategies,
  • system implementation,
  • team building,
  • personal development and leadership

for very small to medium organisations. I love teaching and thus regularly offer private and public workshops particularly aimed at micro businesses. I have this gift of being able to observe and listen, look at the different parts of a whole and see that whole emerging. I can see patterns where others see chaos, and I can see the future where others see only question marks. I’m using my gift to assess and analyse a business and its people to help and guide the organisation to where they need to go next, particularly around strategising an inbound marketing plan.

I invite you to find out more about my backgroundmy business philosophy and  what my client’s are saying and hope you’ll say hi somewhere on one of the social media platforms I frequent (details in the footer).