Does your business perform?

Does it? Or do YOU have to perform so your business performs?

The idea of starting and running your own business is usually connected to the idea that at one point in future the business produces an income you can live off without having to run the daily operations.

That’s when the business performs for you.

And it’s the dream of a lot of people. The question is, is that possible? I say absolutely! It is most definitely possible to build a business that provides an income for you without you having to slave away on a daily basis.

But how?

How do you get your business to perform for you vs the other way round?

It’s really a simple formula:

Motivated people who run optimized systems create a business providing for everyone involved in it. It pays employees good salaries, suppliers get paid on time and customers are happy with their purchases.


Of course, the formula is simple, the reality is not so easy. But it’s not impossible. Unless you want to achieve all the fame and fortune that come with being a successful entrepreneur in the limelight and thus remain working IN the business versus ON it, there is no reason why you can’t find excellent employees, motivate them properly and build systems which they can run so the business runs like a well oiled machine and leaves you out of daily operations.

That doesn’t mean you leave it alone, it just means it’s running and you personally just have to make sure it keeps running. But you don’t actually have to push the buttons every day – unless that’s what you want to do.

Let’s look at some examples.

  • A shop on main street. With good mangement and optimized systems it is  possible to own a successful business that doesn’t need you there on a daily basis to serve customers.
  • A manufacturing plant. Again, with having the right people (it’s a big key component) and proper systems there is no need for you to be there every day and check every little thing.
  • A professional who moves from being a one-person show to establishing a team of professionals working together, helping starters out
  • A coach who moves into the realm of online products development
  • An online business selling hard goods
  • An online business selling electronic goods

Those are just a few ideas. I can already hear the “yes, but that’s not true for me” cries.

But it is possible for anyone, I haven’t yet met a person who would not have the potential to living out their dream and being able to build a business that performs for them and gives them back most importantly time, and the bucks to spend that time in a nice way.

I know this for a fact, because I’ve been aiming for this “holy grail” my entire life. And I have lived many years with various income streams that would provide me with enough to have that time. And because I then went and  put it all in once basket which didn’t work out I ended up back to square one, re-starting from the beginning, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Today I’m living a wonderful life style, no that doesn’t mean flashy cars and big mansions for me. It simply means that I am able, as the sole caretaker of my household with a child, to work hours I want to work. It means I can book off at 3 pm to fetch my child and take him to his Piano lesson. It means I can just stay at home if he gets sick, it means working from home so if the muse strikes me at 3 am so be it. It means to breathe between the working, to have a blurry line between work and life because both are fulfilling, smell the roses and have some fun here and there. My business truly performs for me and since it’s on a growing path that fun part will just get a bit more extravagant perhaps.

So I’m on this journey with you together. With everyone I interact with in the back of my mind I wonder how I can help them build just such a business. A business that performs for them. What needs to happen to put that team together and refine the systems so that the dream can become a reality.

For my own business I daily ask myself what can I improve, what can I change, where do I want it to go to? There are different stages of growth in a business and different actions need to be taken at different times.

Look, it’s not easy, nor fast. There will be many twists and turns. I myself am the best example of how you can make mistakes all the time and pay for them. But that’s the beauty of mistakes, we can learn from them!

Nobody ever said it’ll be easy :)

I’m inviting you onto this journey of building a business that performs for you, so that you too one day can say “My Biz Performs” !

How can I help you achieve this?

My greatest asset is my ability to think strategically. I have that big picture view where I can see connections where others see nothing. I can help you map out the plan that’ll get you to owning a performing biz.

Team building strategies

You’ll need to learn some team building strategies or else you’ll end up with a bunch of employees, who do have the power to bring a business down. There are several training packages and consulting solutions I can offer you. From once-off events to mid and long term continuous growth programmes.

How well do your employees communicate? With clients, their colleagues, suppliers, the boss? It’s one of the biggest and quickest areas of growth in any team, teaching them how to communicate effectively. Part of this is learning to handle emotions, the own and those of others we’re confronted with.

Everyone in every organisation sells. Including the cleaning lady, she can smile at people in the corridor or she can give them a grumpy frown. Which one will create a better image for your business? Learning to understand that sales is not limited to the sales rep out in the field is one of the biggest aha-moments in an organisation. And an area which has the most immediate results on the bottomline – improved numbers all around. Because it teaches employees to take ownership and responsibility.

Marketing Plan Optimization

There’s plenty we can look at with making sure the leads and sales are coming in. In this tough economy you have to stand out, you can’t just hope the clients will come for no particular reason. You have to become attractive to them, especially online! There are so many opportunities businesses leave on the table, that is literal money lost. All simply because of not knowing what or how to do it. Online this “game” is called Inbound Marketing, a term coined by HubSpot, a company offering one of the best if not the best marketing softwares out there.

How can I help you on your journey to turning your marketing into a lead generation machine, which is what it is supposed to be doing?

Whether you choose to simply

  • learn it for yourself (join a workshop) or
  • have me/us set it up for you and train you or
  • completely outsource your marketing to my team

there is the perfect solution for your circumstances out there.

Without leads turning into sales there is no business. It’s a must – and far too often neglected. The internet has proven an incredibly powerful lead generator for my own business, I’m generating them every day. I will teach you those same techniques I have learned form the masters of their game and who made me a master of this game as well.

Don’t leave money on the table just because you don’t know how to grab it! Instead do everything you can to educate yourself and your team about lead generation, marketing and sales. Let’s start with a free Inbound Marketing assessment for your current website.

Personal development

A successful business – one that performs for you – goes hand in hand with the development of the self and the people in it. From the business owner right down to each employee it is no longer optional to learn tools to improve our own understanding of how the world works and becoming a better person.

We’re in the business of inspiring and uplifting. Personally I only work with people who have decided to follow their calling. I cannot possibly help anyone who’s just in it for the money. Sorry, there are plenty of others who’ll gladly take you down that path. It’s not mine. I want to hear about your yearning and help you find and develop the gift you have to give to this world. 

Part of creating a performing business is knowing the why. When you’ve got the why covered the how’s are easy to fill in. I’m looking at companies like Zappos for example, where the people are their greatest asset and where the owners take responsibility for developing their people. Those are the kind of businesses I want to help build. If that’s you, what are you waiting for?

My gift is to help you develop your own gift and make it profitable, to inspire you to reach higher. To take you from an idea in your head to a sustainable, growing and profitable business that performs for you. Wherever on that path you are, I would be honoured to meet you, hear your story and be part of shaping your success.

I’m using my own system, devised over the years from my own personal experiences, including NLP strategies, law of attraction wisdom, SalesPartners business coaching and of course Inbound Marketing. I’m an ardent student of many disciplines and never stop on the learning curve. I will pull in any technique or knowledge needed in the moment from a great library of information on my bookshelf, my digital library, my head and my incredible network of inspiring and amazing people.

Let’s start with with the assessment of your current online presence and take it from there.

My fees are flexible in that they are adjusted to size of business. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t afford all the fancy help I so desperately needed. I believe by charging more profitable operations more to be able to help the small guys I do my bit to grow our economy. Rates across this website are generally geared towards the smaller operations who need to budget extremely tightly. Please request your own personal quote for any work we might be doing together!