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My name is Bettina Horvath and I am an entrepreneur living in Cape Town, South Africa. My company “My Biz Performs” has been created to help meet the needs of business owners wanting to grow their businesses. My philosophy is simple, the business should perform for the people involved in it and not the other way around.

I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria and moved to beautiful South Africa in 1997. When asked why I did so my answer is always: “Because I had to and I’m a climate refugee!”. In reality this move was the realisation of my first big dream I had worked towards in my early Twenty’s. With my then husband I had built one of the fastest growing network marketing organisations in Europe and after visiting the country for 3 months fell in love with it, like so many others.

Before I took the plunge into the unknown I thought I’d give climbing the corporate ladder a try and I fared quite well. Alas, on the day of moving next to the CEO’s office I resigned. Being a divorcee with no children, having a fledgling career and a business on the side was the good life, but I chose to give it up as new adventures beckoned.

Once in SA I did whatever came along at the time, it was very much a phase of finding out who I am and what I want to do. I did odd jobs, like selling alternative music CDs on Long Street door to door for example, and got involved in the local amdram scene (amateur dramatics). At some point I ended up in the Lufthansa call center to climb the ladder there but 9/11 attacks put a shrieking halt to that and besides I wanted to go back into being self-employed.

Bettina and Raphael HorvathThen in 2004 my son came along and everything changed once again. I’m very blessed with a wonderful child who at 4 years old already showed signs of understanding how to sell and building a business. He’s an entrepreneur through and through and I love teaching him these skills from so early on.

Around my 40th birthday I decided it was time to get more serious with business and all that and went to study and learn with one of the best in the field, Blair Singer. I went as far as buying a regional developer franchise of his SalesPartners organisation. It was an incredible experience and despite not everything turning out like we both would have wanted it, the tools and skills I have learned and experience gained have been invaluable.

In 2010 we decided to call it quits and it was then that “My Biz Performs” was born. The first 1.5 years or so it was again a phase of figuring out what exactly will I offer and as marketing is one of the biggest needs, and something I have a lot of experience in, coupled with an intense love and knowledge of all things internet the DIGITAL MARKETING NINJA came into being and took off right away.

I formalised this offering and studied everything I could around the subject to increase my knowledge even more. At one point I sat down to roughly calculate how many hours I’ve actually spent online in my life, turns out at least 20,000 … I grew alongside with the internet from way back in ’95 to todays interconnected world running multiple websites. It wasn’t long of course that I found Hubspot and their fantastic philosophy of what they call “Inbound Marketing“.

I’ve done their inbound marketing course, passed the certification with distinction and have subsequently become a Hubspot partner while implementing the philosophy and the software at Space Age Technologies, an IT support company in Stellenbosch who embraced this new way of marketing fully and with vigor. The results have been incredible, 300% increase in traffic within 4 months to name just one number. It is thrilling to witness how amazing these strategies work in a B2B environment. While Space Age Technologies have always been a known leader in the region within their industry, now the general public is starting to see the why and how of this reputation and while everyone else’s client numbers stagnated, theirs improved by 70%!

I’ve seen similar results with the many small companies I work with and of course with my own business. I love my work, it truly combines my talents, knowledge and experience and am very  much in my happy spot working with businesses of all sizes on their marketing plans, their systems implementations and very much on their team building and personal development endavours.

As a student of life for life I started my own personal development at 16 when I got hold of a copy of Dr. Murphy’s “The Power of Your Subsconsious Mind”. Since then I’ve read hundreds of books, done many courses and workshops and absolutely love this field of growing human consciousness and expanding personal skills. Facilitation is the name of my game and I simply love being in front of a group and helping them reach new insights and grow. It is by the way not a strange combination, internet marketing and personal development! Google is at the forefront in this arena themselves. They have an extensive internal personal growth development programme developed by one of their first engineers who’s now stuart of this programme and wrote a book, Search Inside Yourself, about it.

On a very personal front I fully embrace and agree with Danielle LaPorte’s findings on how feelings shape our destiny and desires are what drive our feelings. I’m a student of her Desire Map Programme and have done some facilitations around this in 2013.

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Bettina Horvath speaker info and mini bio

Bettina Horvath

Bettina Horvath Oct 2012

Over the past 27 years Bettina Horvath has spent her entire working career marketing and selling a variety of products and services to end consumers as well as other businesses. She is a successful business woman who bubbles over with energy, knowledge and an insatiable need to inspire others to make more of their life and business.

After having been hand-picked and personally trained by international best-selling author Blair Singer as a SalesPartner she started her own business “My Biz Performs” aimed at helping business owners navigate through their business’ growth journey.

As a certified Inbound Marketing Professional she has helped businesses improve their online traffic by up to 300% in 4 months and develop a steady stream of leads knocking on her client’s doors.

She is an in-demand speaker with a passion to teach others through her unique style and high impact training methods learned over the past 25 years of public speaking and perfected as a SalesPartner. Attendees of her seminars, speeches and workshops love her drive, high energy and most importantly always walk away with tools in their hands they can implement right away in their businesses.

What others say about Bettina

“Bettina’s dedication to assisting businesses with increasing their Sales is unrivalled. Her professionalism and approach to business is something you have to experience. She displays integrity and passion for her work in everything she does. Please contact Bettina if you want to increase your Sales and put yourself firmly on the map in your industry.” Gwen Kloppers, CEO & Founder, Xtraordinary Women

“Talk to Bettina if you want motivation and results..her positivity, fearlessness and high energy are infectious! It all comes across so simply it’s ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’” Karon Wiercx, Multinet Mortgages

“Bettina does not back-off from any challenge! She achieved amazing heights early in her life in network-marketing; In a strange country; as a single mother she recently took on a brand new challenge as OWNER/OPERATOR of a Regional Development Franchise in a phenomenal international Franchise, (SalesPartners); a business coach and superb public presenter. She demonstrates the VISION that will take her back to the B-Quadrant in the RichDad© Cashflow Quadrant. She is meticulously putting in the steps that makes precession manifest MASSIVE PASSIVE income into one’s life! Bettina is an AWESOME person and business partner!” SJ Pretorious, SalesPartners

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